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Hello! I finally got to review the sponsored wig from UNIQSO

It looked so much like Enju Aihara of Black Bullet so I chose it since it will be my next cosplay..

(Stock photo from their page)

I got it after two weeks and a half.. Jyaan!

And because I don’t have a good shelf in this apartment, I stacked shoe boxes to show how beautiful the length and pigtails are (It’s just a pity that I needed to chop so much)

It is surprisingly thick and easy-to-manage. A lot of cosplayers and even those who love wearing wigs, hate tangles and “cancerous” wigs but these were awesome!

Here is the base wig and the strands of the wig itself~

And here it is.. I’m sorry that I cut such a beautiful wig~!!!

Here are other photos of my make-up and wig test for Enju Aihara..

You can buy it here~

So for overall ratings:

I can twirl it around without it getting tangled!

It isn’t cancerous too~

No need to worry much about shine with Flash Photos

The color is really beautiful and it is a mix of orange hues and yellow!

For $33.90, it is worth it~

That’s all for now~