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[[SPONSORED REVIEW]] Eclair Farron Wig

I am so stressed and busy with college.

I just get easily tired when I encounter people with no respect to others and all.

Anyways, inviting good vibes for a great Friday night~!

Here is another wig review from UNIQSO!

Use the code "dumplings" for a 10% discount..

It was really hard for me to pick wigs for everything seems so pretty and I didn’t want to just get a wig I wouldn’t even use in the future either.

So Eclair Farron or Lightning’s wig looks so promising and I barely have curly wigs too~


Here is the stock photo which can be found here~

I wouldn’t exactly cosplay Lightning but this looks just too cute not to get, right?

(I forgot to take a photo of it on the wig stand, I will edit this soon)


The curls were a lot intertwined than the stock photo and I just brushed it out a little when I wore it.. I haven’t trimmed the fringe yet..


I loved how easily I can curl the ends with just my finger again and how easily I can brush it out to make it wavy, vice-versa!

The bad point to it is that it is shiny probably because of it’s color; It’s like coral pink irl and made me feel like a mermaid /facepalm

Overall Ratings:

I can twirl it around and around without it getting tangled!

It isn’t much thick on the top part..

It was kind of hard to find nice lighting so it wouldn’t shine much

I give it five stars because I thought it was hard to manage but it is so much easy to just curl it back up..

For $26.90, it is really cheap for a medium-length curly wig!


Pug Life yo~ well, I don’t have exactly have a pug yet! But it is one of my dream pets..

Thank you for reading and I will update with another wig review soon~!